How to migrate from v2 to v3?

How to migrate from v2 to v3?

It's very easy to migrate to Version 3.0. Please follow the following steps. We will extend this Guide by time.

Replace the existing plugin by the new base plugin

You need to replace the old plugin with the new base plugin. You can download the base plugin here.

Install all needed extensions

You must verify which extensions do you need. Install only the extensions which you really need. The plugin is a lightware solution. If you install every extension, it is like a big dinosaur.

Migrate products to V3

Go to Tools -> Debug and click the migration button.

Wait until the "finished" is displayed at the end of the page. If you can't see the "finished" or you are getting a error message. Just repeat the click on the button. It depends on the product count.
Please create a database backup before you migrating the products.

Save all csv and awin shops manual

Before you mark all lists and shops it's required to save the csv and awin shops again. 

Delete the Belboon or CJ API shop

If you are using one of these shop interfaces you must delete the shop and replace it.

Mark all lists, shops and products for the update

Mark all csv  and awin shops for an update:

Mark also products and lists for an update:

You can find these buttons are in Tools -> Debug.
The cronjob will now creating a queue object and add all  products, lists and shops. This will take some time.

You are using old templates

If you are not using the "blade templates" then you need to install a separate extension. You can find the extension here:
Install the extension and go to "Templates" in your backend. Open every template with type "switch to old template" in the overview. 
In your template change the dropdown from "switch to old template" into "old template".

The cronjob is running

After you reset all objects the cronjob queue will add all items to the queue. The job is processing all data. Please verify that your cronjob ist configured corrected.

Check the queue

You should check if the queue shows errors.

Clean your affiliate-toolkit folder

Go to "/wp-content/uploads/affiliate-toolkit" on your ftp server and delete all files inside the folder. After that you go to your "display settings" page in the backend and "save".

Do you have problems? 

If you are getting an error please try to fix it. If you have problems, please contact us.