How to upgrade my license

How to upgrade my license

To get the most out of your existing license, you can upgrade your license. Please go threw the following steps.

1) Login into your Account

If you want a upgrade for your license, you need to login into your Account (Customer Area.
You should now see the following view:

Click now on the "Licenses" tab.

2) Open you upgrade tab

Now you should see the available upgrades. In my case there are the access passes avaiable.

3) Add your discount code at checkout

These prices are the regular prices. You need to enter the actual discount code into the checkout window. In the current example "relaunch". 

4) How is the price calculated?

Many people don't understand the calculation of the discount. So we prepared a small example for you.

1497,00 EUR (regular life time license)
- 475,00 EUR (discount for existing customers - 375 EUR existing developer account + 100 EUR extra bonus)
1022,00 EUR (normal upgrade price)
divide by 2 (50% discount code "relaunch")
   511,00 EUR (net price)
   +97,09 EUR (tax - 19% for germany)
   608,09 EUR (sale price)

5) How much price reduction is available?

affiliate-toolkit Developer: 475 EUR
affiliate-toolkit Plus: 249 EUR
affiliate-toolkit Standard: 157 EUR

My license is expired - how can I upgrade my license?

Just contact us. We will renew your license for the upgrade.

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